Sandal Library Mural

Commissioned by Friends of Sandal Library for Our Year 2024, Beth designed a mural to adorn the wall in the children's garden at Sandal Library. The brief was to design a mural that was colourful, including florals and creatures, and needed to be interactive. As part of the process, Beth hosted two workshops with the community. These workshops asked the participants to think about a community garden, and to draw the plants and animals that inhabit this space on a large piece of paper. Beth used these drawings to design the mural, taking aspects from each workshops to form the finalised image. The design features plants commonly found in gardens alongside creatures such as a butterfly, bees, a hedgehog etc for children to be able to find amongst the flowers.

The final mural took 5 days to paint and was painted using masonry paint to ensure the longevity of the artwork. 

Read more about it in the Wakefield Express


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