A Walk in Wakefield Mural

'A Walk in Wakefield' was a commissioned project by Artwalk Wakefield in 2021. 

Initially, the project commenced with a walk in the natural landscape surrounding Sandal Castle, where Beth made notes and quick sketches within her field journal to capture the experience of walking. Sandal Castle is a place of historical significance, and she is interested in how this will influence the walk and her experience of it. 

The outcome from this walk takes the form of a permanent large colourful abstract mural in The Ridings Shopping Centre stairwell, that encompasses the memories of Beth's experience. For the visitor, it will give the impression of being within one of Beth's paintings, immersed within the environment just like the experience of being immersed within nature.

This mural took 5 days to complete and was painted using emulsion paint. 

As part of the project, Beth was also interviewed about her artistic practice - Q&A

Beth Morgan painting green paint into a wall covered in abstract shapes. A section of mural in a stairwell with large light blue and dark blue absract shapes on the walls. Breaking up the blue are blobs of red and green, with a yellow wiggly line cutting up the wall.
 The back of Beth Morgan holding a piece of paper with her digital design for the mural on it. The focus is on the paper and there is scaffolding in the background.A digital mock up of a colourful abstract mural - A Walk in Wakefield - by Beth Morgan. The mock-up shows the design in the space and how the shapes cover the walls.

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