A Walk at Anglers Country Park Mural

Wakefield Council commissioned Beth in 2022 to paint a mural at Anglers Country Park, a nature reserve in Wakefield. The mural, which took 7 days to paint, incorporates both the wildlife and plant life that call the nature reserve home. The design hopes to raise awareness of the importance of preserving local habitats. Located on the side of the Visitors Centre, the mural is immediately seen from the carpark and has quickly become a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike.

As part of the design phase, workshop with the community was offered to help with the design process. This ensured that the mural reflected the desires and values of the local community. As part of the process, a digital mock-up was created by Beth for the council to approve.

Beth Morgan painting a duck as part of her mural   A close up of a dragonfly painting on a mural by Beth Morgan
A mural featuring plants and animals from Anglers Country Park on the Visitors Centre by Beth Morgan Art    The visitor's centre at Anglers Country Park featuring a colourful mural by Beth Morgan Art

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